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Con Intro
Many people who have never been to conventions usually ask me the same questions, such as what is a con? What do you do there? Why do you go? How much does it cost? Conventions, or “cons” have become a huge part of geek culture, and a major event for many who are in the “con circuit” rivaling a major holiday like Christmas or Easter. There are as many conventions as there are geeks, and can be for anything – anime, comics, horror, science fiction – even some for main stream cultures – design, floral, sports – basically a con is a meeting ground for like minded people. What blurs the line between a con for geeks and a convention for 'normies' is one word; show. For example if someone was to say they went to the 'boat show' people would be a lot more excepting than if someone said they were at the 'boat con' this weekend. Simple put, a 'show' is seen as a classy place where well balanced people tour upcoming trends, or vintage attire. Where
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Dance Dance Otaku
:hungry:Food's down, what about exercise I hear you yell.:rage: I do suggest if you're an Otaku and haven't gotten one already, invest in a DDR game.:happybounce: Dance Dance Revolution is a ton of fun, but also a well known way for Otaku's to keep/get in shape. The ideal time to play would be 45 minutes on expert, but start slow. No matter how tempting it may be to start at the lowest setting however, start with beginner. You can buy a mat and game for any system for about 70$ if you can get a group together to work out and buy it, the cost might not seem so bad. :boogie:Dancing is a key component of the Otaku's life. Even if you can't dance, even if you look like a :eager:spastic heron, dancing is part of what it means to be an Otaku, and DDR is the biggest part of that. If you don't have a gaming system, or don't want to buy your own game, most movie theaters [big name chains, not mom and pop theaters] have a small arcade with this staple. I have a home version, but i've got a frien
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Agent by nekoshema Agent :iconnekoshema:nekoshema 0 0
What is the Otaku Diet?
Firstly, for one to understand it's diet, one must first define Otaku. The word Otaku is Japanese basically meaning an extreme anime fan. In North America it's taken on a positive meaning, someone like:mangapunksai: Konata Izumi; obsessive, yes, but also social, fun, athletic, has a good job, and can get good grades. [when motivated to anyway] In Japan, the term refers to someone who is obsessive, but creepy,  a geeky loner who probably doesn't shower, and lives off of unhealthy foods. This is the evolution of language, but personally, I feel both definitions work well. I am not an athletic Otaku, but I am sociable, with a good head on my shoulders, and do try to keep healthy. [plus most junk food makes me sick :puke:] In my years in this subculture, I have met my fair share of fit well balanced Otaku's,:la: as well as my fair share of out of shape creeps.:horny: Male, female, young, old, fat, thin, black, white, Asian, it doesn't matter. I've met all manner of Otaku's, but as wit
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nekoshema's Profile Picture
Current Residence: Digital World
Favourite genre of music: anything but rap really
Favourite style of art: anime, and abstract i love action painting
MP3 player of choice: a working one with music i like
Skin of choice: mine
Favourite cartoon character: Dib, and anything voiced by Andrew Francis really
Personal Quote: You're not a freak you're just stupid
  • Listening to: 3 AM by Matchbox 20
  • Reading: Honey and Clover, Arisa
  • Watching: British TV, Wolf Children, Fresh Prince
  • Playing: In Traffic
  • Eating: Not hungry
  • Drinking: nectar of the gods and tea

lol, sorry, i'm in a really good mood :happybounce: and i'm currently on the 7th replay of 3AM by Matchbox 20, and this song makes me want to jump on the bed [unsure why that is to be honest :confused:] well it's 2014 and i still don't see much of a difference. i seriously don't get the big deal with New Years. i also don't do resolutions, so it's just an excuse to stay up late for me. this year though, i am doing something different. my friend came up with the idea to take an empty jar and whenever you feel you've acomplished something [from ran a mile to memorized the lyriks or 3 AM] you write it down and place it in the jar. on December 31, you open the jar and empty it, reading everything you put in. sounds like fun so i did it! :D

speaking of new years though, i have made a few goals, little things i'd like to do throughout the year [resolutions will always fail if you choose on January 1 to drop everything and be good] nothing major, watch more anime, read more manga, do more art, save more money [mostly for when i move] the only one i might consider a resolution is my weight loss. i started last year and it was 'get in shape' [which i am] but i decided recently to try and loose a pound a week [while i've gone down in dress size, the scale remains the same. determined little $#!+ ain't it?] so theoretically speaking, i'm trying to loose 52 pounds this year. seems reasonable to me.

:squee: Anime North!!! i've booked the room AND the tickets for this year, so now it's on to the cosplay [and i do have some updates to CON-fessionals coming, iz justs been busy:work:] this year my boyfriend and i :date: wilol be doing a couples cosplay [daww :aww:] of Eska and Bolin [and Pabu :meow:] from Legend of Korra. [the scene where Bolin is in a wedding outfit. that one. though i'm not making Eskas wedding dress, i will be putting the stuff in my hair] i'm excited and looking forward to working on it, but i'm nervous it won't be done in time. [so i'm gonna learn how to use a sewing machine! :hooray:] it seems rather straight forward, but it's detail that keeps sending me head in a loop. :faint: [see the outfit is blue and purple with fir trim, but there's a lot of thin strips and layers of fabric, i keep getting lost trying to plan it out.] so if it's done it'll be hilarious, but this is the biggest i've done, i have my cosplay, plus my boyfriend, plus a plushie plus an outfit for the plushie. [pictures will be uploading] BUT if i pull it off, it's totally worth it.

on a sad note, RIP James Avery, voice actor of The Shredder, Will's Uncle Phil, you will be greatly missed by everyone who was raised watching you. you were amazing, and will never be forgot.

i wish to end this on a happy note, not a sad one, but it's late, so here's a quote, momentai :hexentanz:


 Uncle Phil: Geoffrey, bring me my tools.

Geoffrey: Do you mean your knife and fork, sir?

[hee hee, classic.]



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